12-13 SEPTEMBER, 2019


Objectives: To disseminate the information on the current trend, development and manufacturing activities related to the science and technology of functional food ingredients.

Theme: "Advances in Food Ingredients for Healthy Living"

Food is identity and culture in different communities. Many traditional and local foods are nutrient-dense and can offer healthy ingredients containing a variety of bioactive compounds. Indigenous diets from forest to sea are often varied, suited to local environments, and could benefit all communities. With the food and drink industry being the largest manufacturing sector in Asia, the well developed technology in Research and Development (R&D), to find answers for the consumer, plays an important role to this industry. Extensive researches in both public and private laboratories have connected food science and technology, nutrition and health to come up with healthy, tasty and palatable foods. As market evolves, several ingredients have emerged as key success factors in functional food development in order to respond to public health awareness. Furthermore, indigenous foods which may not be commercialized as yet are found to provide benefits to the human health. Therefore, there is a need to understand the functional aspects and practical application of commercial ingredients as well as the quest for new ones from local sources.

The Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand (FoSTAT), the organizer of this "Food Ingredients Asia Conference 2019" during 12-13September 2019, is pleased to invite you to gain knowledge of the most advanced food ingredients for healthier community with the theme of "ADVANCES IN FOOD INGREDIENTS FOR HEALTHY LIVING". The conference covers topics relating to all aspects of the food for health and nutrition including all major food and drink commodities towards all walk of life, solid sciences plus food products, food processing, food safety, food spoilage and technology for the food innovation/renovation.

Organized by:  Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand (FoSTAT) 

Support By:     The Federation of the Institute of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA)  

  Informa UBM Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.